Our bands play from 9pm to 12am, when we close, unless otherwise noted on both Friday and Saturday Night. Sometimes on Friday nights we have a single or duo 8 to 11. Our Friday night entertainment will stop at the end of February. You may contact us to hold your own party with your own music on Friday nights! Just email Lodgeit@me.com. 

Wednesday Night February 14th,  Matt and Natalie play from 6 to 9. I t  is  Valentines Day!!!

Friday Night Feb 16th,  Lawrence and Clare  8 to 11.  They are awesome. 

Click here for Lawrence and Clares website

Saturday Night Feb 17th,  Craic Haus 9 to 12.  If you haven't seen them you are missing out.

Click here for Craic Haus Website

Friday Night Feb 23rd,  A soloist Greg Guitarska, very talented. 8 to 11pm.

Click here for Gregs Website

Saturday Night February 24th, Mercy Brothers, They opened for D'Santi on Mardi Gras and everyone LOVED them, so we got em!!!!9 to 12

Saturday Night March 3rd,  40 Amp Fuse

Saturday Night March 10, Craic Haus

Saint Patty's Day is coming...Saturday Night Mrch 17th...Groove Session will be rockin the house.  Dress Up  Put it on your calendar. Plan ahead.....Get GREEN!!!

Click here for Groove Session's Website

Saturday Night March 24th, The 60 Grit Band

The lodge is open at 11am every day except Saturday and Sunday when we open at 9am for breakfast.  We close between 10 and 11 pm Sunday - Thursday and usually by midnight Friday and Saturday.



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